The purest experience


All life springs from water

Holistic Spa concepts translate our age-old bond with water into applications that, in the best case, leave us with a sense of purity and authenticity. This absolute harmony between body, mind and soul is the purest experience.

The GALA SPA AWARDS aim to set a new standard of quality under the motto “The purest experience”. Thereby contributing to the spread of groundbreaking Spa developments in today’s crowded and confusing wellness and beauty market.

With success: The GALA SPA AWARDS are now one of the most important international beauty and Spa awards.

Awards in this stiff competition go only to care products and hotels or other locations that meet the promise *“sanus per aquam” (healthy through water) and excite visitors with thrilling, innovative services. Calls for submissions now take place in 35 countries around the world.


The premium people magazine GALA grants the GALA SPA AWARDS together with Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa – a fixed star in the firmament of the European Spa scene.

We couldn’t ask for a more beautiful or more appropriate location for the 20th annual awards ceremony, which is scheduled to take place on April 2, 2016.