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Award ceremony: Viva con Agua receives GALA SPA AWARD for improving drinking water supply in developing countries

In light of recent events, donations for Japan will be collected during the awards ceremony.

This year’s GALA SPA AWARD in the “Special Prize“ category goes to the international non-profit association, Viva con Agua. The association was founded in the St. Pauli district of Hamburg and has been awarded the prize for its commitment to improving the drinking water supply in developing countries, as well as its contribution to the protection of rivers and lakes. It collects donations for planned drinking water projects at fundraising events, concerts and the Viva con Agua water days. In addition, the association provides awareness training for schools and universities in the form of lectures and discussion sessions.

“Since 2005, Viva con Agua’s objective has been to create a world without thirst. Their unusual and cool activities reach and promote social commitment, particularly among younger people. Based in the Hamburg district of St. Pauli and founded by a former professional soccer player, Viva con Agua has grown incredibly fast. Committed and intensely focused on its aims, it continues to win people over every day and makes everyone aware of our right to clean drinking water", says GALA editor-in-chief and jury member, Peter Lewandowski. Viva con Agua initiator, Benny Adrion, will be present to receive the award from the weekly people and lifestyle magazine GALA on March 19 in Baden-Baden.

In light of recent events, donations for the victims of the natural disaster in Japan will also be collected during the GALA SPA AWARDS. Says Peter Lewandowski: “We are all shocked and deeply saddened to hear about the disastrous events and the current situation in Japan. Together with our well-known guests, we want to use our event as an opportunity to raise money to help the people there.”

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Hamburg, March 16, 2011